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12. The Burmese dessert

Some time passed after our little salsa collaboration. We decided to meet up for dinner this time at Burlingame as it was nearby her place, as she had some office calls later that night to take care of. We didn’t finalize a restaurant as we thought Burlingame downtown has a ton of restaurants and we decided to play it by the ear. We started exploring the area when we arrived as none of us were super hungry.

We saw a pretty decent Burmese restaurant along the way and after roaming around 2-3 times the entire length of its downtown district we decided to try it out. But once inside, the place was jam packed and we had our names down on the waiting list. Finally after around 25 mins we got our table and rightfully so as any more wait and I would have fainted due to low blood sugar. We ordered an appetizer and had something similar to pad thai curry for the main course but with a burmean twist. I was pretty pretty distracted as during meal times I am in my zone. After finishing whatever was left I finally felt satisfied and Burmese cuisine was my new fav. Nidhi was also too full so we thought to take a few strolls along the way. As we were on a weekday it was not as busy and we could peacefully stroll through without being bumped into. It felt nice as we held hands and casually strolled back and forth . I wanted to kiss her but I know her aversion to PDA so I subtly while strolling took her to a spot in the interior of a small dual store plaza where no one was around . Well like teenagers in a bustling city trying to get some alone time, we found a spot behind an elevator and started making out. She seemed more into it as we were shielded away from prying eyes . After the dinner, she was my perfect burmese dessert. Well after a good 20 min session we went out strolling again. After some time I asked her whether she would like to talk to my mom as my mom wanted to talk to her for a while now. I guess she was in a very happy mood maybe due to our little session earlier, she replied yes. Along the same time my mom called and I handed the phone to her. She seemed pretty shocked as I gave her no time to react. Poor thing. Mom asked her a variety of questions mostly on bio data and all, she answered it really well for someone still in shock. My mom enjoyed talking to her as when I took over the call she was gleefully smiling and in turn knew her objective of me settling down is finally within her sight. Poor mom, little did she know eyesight weakens with age. I apologized to Nidhi for putting her in that situation but it was kinda fun just to see her reaction. She called an uber back home as it was getting late and she had to attend her calls. I was still waiting on my uber as it was a little delayed, while just strolling around by myself. The downtown looked eerily silent . Hardly anyone on the streets, as suddenly most of them just vanished. My uber finally arrived and I was a bit relieved but no one could have imagined that this eerie silence is going to be a norm in the coming months. Something from China was on its way across the globe which would impact each and everyone, in ways that they cannot just go back to the way things were. All my future plans for places to go with Nidhi would have to wait as the world is gripped in the specter of COVID-19 or more commonly referred to as the coronavirus.

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