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8. Housewarming -2

After drinking through two tequila shots like they were nothing, Nidhi was not going to stay in the house. Also we wanted to go out while our friends were here so we thought to start with dinner. We went to a North Indian restaurant in financial district just near my workplace. I ended up eating mine and most in Nidhi’s plate. I am a perennially hungry guy and also in my defense there was bhindi. With out bellies full of stuffed naan and different gravies we thought to call it a night. But Jayant pointed out a long line of people outside a building which looked like a club so we thought to take a look. We were around 20 mins early then the scheduled start so we waited and then waited some more . Finally when it was our turn to enter we came to know it was an art studio exhibition. Let’s just say we were not in the mood of appreciating artwork at 35$ per person entrance. I am not sure if others in the line knew it was an art exhibition or even they thought it was a club because of its funky lighting. As we were leaving the area, Jinesh remembered about a bar nearby @Market street called Local edition. When Sidhanto visited the Bay Area previously these guys went out to this bar and had a good time. So we were just walking at Market street following Jinesh who refused to use GPS and didn’t let us use GPS either 😂 having supreme faith in his memory. Let’s just say he is not known for having a trustworthy memory 🤣. But as we were about to give up hope, we finally found the place. For once he let us in the right direction. It was like a speakeasy with the bar in the basement. We each had around 4 drinks mostly cocktails and whiskey. Nidhi having more drinks than me as I am not a big drinker so she had some of my drinks as well. One thing was for sure she had much more capacity than me in terms of liquor and bladder control. She thought it would be a good place to collect more info on me which I might not have mentioned to her . But as intoxicated as my friends were she only could get the same info which she already had. For the first time saying everything honestly was a good move. We even challenged her to go and talk to a girl sitting behind our high table for Jinesh which she did although seems like the girl was waiting for someone else . But gotta give the girl points for being gutsy. She later demonstrated her salsa skills while dancing with Jinesh and me. She is apparently a good dancer and I was trying to match her pace even though spending thousands of dollars on salsa and other dance forms while I was going to a dance studio 2 years back. Me and Jinesh also did some salsa with me leading him 😂. After all this we settled down continued our drinking with me and NIdhi holding hands. It felt good and comforting like I can do this forever. She always said she’s not a fan of PDA but looks like liquor is the magic elixir which changes that. We all were having a really good time together and it looked like she was able to hit it off with my friends instantly like they have known each other for a while. We stayed there till closing time and were disappointed that we had to leave. We thought this has been great and to call it a night but my friends had different thoughts. There would be some place we would go after this that Nidhi never anticipated but she was intoxicated and an intoxicated Nidhi is almost up for anything. For us the night was just getting started.

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