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A week of random thoughts-2Long term stock

It’s rare that you witness to be with someone who makes you happy just being in her presence. I am lucky to have such a girl in my life who has made me nothing but happy.

In fact she is the only thing keeping me sane during this pandemic. Talking to her has helped me overcoming my anxiety at times when I feel I am losing myself.

Her calming voice accompanied by her caring nature makes me feel like I have someone looking over during all tough times.

Whenever I feel sad or happy , anxious or bored she is always there to hear me out and calmly listen through.

Like for example I have a habit to put some money in stock market and because of these wild fluctuations it is easy to win or lose money . You might bet on a good stock and it is hard to see it go down during these troubling times

No matter how robust your research might be it all comes down to nerves and whenever I tell her that I am fearful I might lose a big chunk she always allays my fears which makes me sleep peacefully through the night.

Many a times she has sacrificed her sleep so that she talks to me even after sleeping for only 2 hours and working from dawn to midnight.

I have no clue how she does that and still can wake up after 3 hrs of sleep. I haven’t been with someone who has been so caring towards me and there is no way I can even remotely compete with that.

Sometimes I fear that my luck will run out. That she might realize that why she is doing all this and for what end. I think we both and my roommate thinks she can do so much better 😂

When I look at myself I don’t see any particular quality which stands out, no talent whatsoever. I am not sure what she sees in me but I am happy she does😁 .

For now I know she sees her investment within me like a waste of time 😂 but like Amazon I might not be able to give her any dividends and might go down in value temporarily ,

but hold me for long and you might see your portfolio grow many times over

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