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A week of random thoughts: My Rocky

We all look to be with someone who we perceive to be our better half. We try to find all the ideal qualities which we want in someone . We always imagine them to have the best of everything and in the end we think that makes us happy. What we don’t understand is what we need and what we want are usually two different things which we realize later once we probably have all the things in our checklist and yet feel not that satisfied like something is missing. This is a feeling which me and Nidhi shared while meeting people from matrimonial match ups or dates even when meeting people which fitted our checklist perfectly. Probably what we come to realize from that is happiness is just a feeling we share with someone who resonate with us on a very basic level and all those external factors which we look in a person cease to exist once we feel irreversibly attracted to that person. That being said one thing you would definitely want to match with your partner are long term values on which and Nidhi share some common grounds on.

And yes there have been times where we didn’t get along as we are supposed to in every relationship. Differences of opinions are common thing and sometimes healthy as long as it doesn’t blow out of proportion. But somehow I feel it is during those tough times that the strength of your relationship is displayed. And luckily for me , she is my strength. And someday I hope she sees me as hers too. Just like Rocky Balboa once said “It’s not about how hard you hit ,but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward” . I couldn’t have asked for anyone else to tag team with in these boxing bouts of life and now when I am with her I can’t imagine my life without her .She is unequivocally my Rocky.🎶Eye of the tiger🎶

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