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All you need is love

I finally did manage to sell off whatever options I owned. This is what it looks like .

Out of the initial 78k this is what I have remaining and surprisingly I feel much more at ease than what I had initially. My roommate did ask me a number of times that how I am so calm. And all I could think of how Nidhi managed to raise my spirits through it all. At times when I couldn’t sleep how tirelessly she did everything she could to make me smile even though she herself had it rough and couldn’t really say it. I am indebted to her more than anyone to propel men through this and making sure I never become a victim of depression. She slept late only to talk to me and make sure that I am feeling okay . It’s her emotional support which gave me a foothold from sinking in. A lot of people wish for magic lamps or leprechauns or winning a lottery ticket to change their fortune. But if the end goal of money is to be happy so more often than not it is through genuine connections we can experience happiness. Lucky are those who found it and for me I have been lucky enough to find her. The Beatles were right all along, ‘All you need is love’.

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