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Breaking from Serfdom

June 3rd 2020 . As I write at this moment I have lost over 80% of what I have invested in my options earlier. I have lost all interest in day to day activities , sometimes I just stare emptily at a sky or a building trying to analyze and re analyze where have I been wrong, and how could I have avoided such a big loss. How come the investments which I was so sure of , as evident by financial newspapers and market pundits alike has turned upside down. I sometimes try to laugh away the pain but it is there and will be for a while. I did a big gamble and lost it all. Unfortunately this is the second time I am making this same mistake. The one before was 9 years back. To relive that again and think of how stupid can I be is frustrating and sad. I have my friends who have been very supportive of me during this time which has been a great blessing for anyone going through tumultuous times. But there is no one of who has been supportive enough of me during this time as NIdhi. She has heard me talk about my investment and how everyday it went lower. She supported me during this tough time , heard all , made sure I felt alright every day by checking up on me even at times when I have not been good with her. She never belittled me for what I have done, she has been critical but never in a way which hurt my feelings. She embraced me for who I am , tolerated my antics and me aware of the fact that these numbers in my bank account do not mean anything but my attitude does . I can’t imagine how I ever have someone like her in my life but I am really thankful. She has given me a new outlook for which I owe her everything.

We are serfs to a lot of things In our life -fame,money,status etc. Sometimes you need someone else to help you break through these oligarchs and only then you will be free

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