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Exploring SF

The few weeks after my birthday we decided that it's about time we explore SF. Might as well as we are paying the rent for it. Since my birthday Sidhanto stayed with us and we had an addition of another cuddly lovable roommate. We had been staying indoors mostly since covid started with some exceptions. Since Sidhanto has been here we have been going places nearby as Sidhanto is a coffee addict. Nidhi has been here many times but we never managed to get out of the house often except grocery stores. So we decided to visit nearby someplace and that's how we started our SF exploration. We went to Corona heights nearby noon. It was sunny but cool at the top. The view was amazing . I persuaded Nidhi to come to other side of the rocks where we spent some quite lqiet time in embrace till Sidhanto and Jinesh dropped in.

Next evening we went to Ocean Beach for a stroll . It was windy and cold but that's where the winter jacket Nidhi gifted me during my birthday came handy. Unfortunately she was stuck with my running jacket which didn't offer much protection.I even managed to lift Nidhi up in a candid moment while she tried her best to be put down . Finally when it got too cold for others we decided to head back. We will be exploring more of this beautiful city in the coming weeks but what really makes it beautiful are the people I explore it with.

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