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Housewarming -1

The week after I visited Nidhis place, we have been constantly talking to each other for at least 4 hrs a day. We have been talking for a month now but seemed like we have known each other for years. It seemed like we couldn’t get enough of each other . We would talk the night away and she somehow would wake up in the morning at 7 , attend her calls and later wake me up by 10 30 or 11 right before my stand up. Then after her calls at night we would talk till 3 or 4 am while she sweetly labeled me as besharam while I try to subtly change the conversation to something naughty😬. We do this every day and never knew how we lost track of time.

Me and my roommate planned an adhoc housewarming party since our recent move to the city three weeks back. We invited all our friends in the valley over whoever could make it. One whom came all the way from Oregon(Sidhanto) due to a little convincing 😝 . It was one hell of a party which in retrospect had too much liquor and too little food but I guess that’s how you know it’s been one hell of a night.

Along with Jinesh, Jayant(friend from my undergrad) and Sidhanto were all at home the next day chilling.

I invited Nidhi to my place and even though she was a bit nervous at first to meet all my friends together but she agreed. When she arrived we all did what we do best. Take tequila shot and her fav don julio at that one . She had one more than me but to be fair I had a lot more last night 😆. But who would know that this epic housewarming weekend which just started is going to get a lot more epic .

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