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Housewarming -3

After the bar closed for the night we searched for the closest strip club near us and called a uber for it. We mentioned to Nidhi that the next place we go to will be a surprise.And she like a little girl who couldn’t contain her excitement seemed really happy although I think that was her intoxicated self. I don’t think if this would have been her sober self that she would have agreed to go to a strip club with me while meeting my friends for the first time. We reached the club and each of us got a paper band to tie around our wrist as a proof of payment. We went inside the lower level which seemed more of a bar with a dance floor in it. There was one girl dancing high above but basically that not your normal strip club. It was like a good place to chill. Later we came to know that there is another higher level which is the actual club but required extra cash to enter and the band we had did not cover it so naturally we were a little disappointed. But Jinesh negotiated with the strip club receptionist or whatever you might call her and we got free bands for all for the higher level 😁. That seemed like a normal strip club with girls dancing and guys getting lap dance. But after a while there I somehow lost my band and wasn’t allowed to get back in so my friends were still inside but me and Nidhi decided to go the club downstairs as that was the only place which allowed me to enter.

We were sitting cozily with each other in front of the dance floor, listening to the music while pink disco lightings lit up the entire area. There were some people dancing in front of us and one of them invited us to dance along with them on the floor. Well never danced in a strip club before but why the hell not. We danced for a while doing some salsa and close dancing. I have to say the music felt much better than the bar we we went to earlier. We were embracing each other for a while slow dancing and it felt like we were in a timeless classic movie. We later returned back to our seats while still embracing each other and I think this was one of my favorite moments with her throughout that night. our arms wrapped around each other while checking none of our friends were around, I gently kissed her and then some more. I think this was one of the best times I have had in a strip club ever. The club downstairs was about to be closed for the night and it was getting really late anyways so Nidhi decided she had to head back home. I hugged/kissed her one last time for the night as she headed back in her uber. I headed back in thinking I wish I could have gone with her just to eventually sleep and wake up beside her.

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