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Inside platform 9-3/4


Looking over the sunset 🌅 near the ocean on a hiking trail. Red wood trees on one side and pacific on the other. She is watching the sunset like she always does but this was too mesmerizing a view for her to notice me behind her. I get down on one knee and I call her name out . I have to call her name out again as she was too mesmerized by the sunset. She turns …and at the same moment the earth around us starts shaking vigorously. EARTHQUAKE!!!

It’s 7am . Not my usual time to be awake from an incomplete dream. Nidhi shakes me vigorously like I am a protein shake. She hastily utters “Baby Utho! Mere didi kabhi bhi aa sakti hai” . Not a morning person especially not the type to wake up at 7am on a Saturday but that threat of didi on the way was enough to make my leg muscles move by themselves. I rolled across one side of her bed taking her hogrwarts comforter with me. Hardly able to manage to keep my eyes open as we were able to sleep just a hour and half back. It was kinda a roller coaster ride for us going from Nidhi portraying all sorts of emotions from surprise, happiness, anxiety , anger , guilt(she has frequent guilt trips after her anger sessions) cute-cuddly love and back to anxiety again. I was trying to absorb all of this while being awake. Had some water , ordered my Lyft and was about to leave. When Nidhi, being the good host she is walked me downstairs and waited till my ride was here. I hugged her and saw her depart as my ride was here. On the way back I started thinking of all the things which happened over the past 3 weeks which led me to this moment here. I don’t know why but these feelings towards her… its like how people in Zion felt about Neo …she’s the one

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