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My bachelor pad

For the past 5 months Nidhi has been mostly coming over to my place as Nidhi’s roommate Namita had her mom visiting them and due to COVID flight lockdowns it wasn’t easy for her to travel back to India. So few weeks after the restrictions eased and her mom departed for india I thought to spend some time at her place. Although I have been there earlier but never for more than a day or 2. This time I came all packed with 2 bags with clothes and other necessities. Nidhi was surprised to see all of my preparations but nonetheless was very accommodating. I even ordered some of my stuff like laptop charger etc at her place so I can travel light. She had her calls from 7 am till evening and later at night as well but she was sweet enough to snuggle up with me whenever I needed some loving. We enjoyed preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner together ... well mostly she did and I enjoyed the eating part haha. I was living life like this is my bachelor pad. But my fav part of the day was when everything was done and we were about to sleep she would come over my side of the bed, rest her head on my chest and slowly we both would drift away in our own dream world. Like the one in Harry Potter, this 9 3/4 platform is a magical place where once you enter you never want to return back .

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