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My pilow

She sleeping on me while cozying up as we have known each other forever. I curl on her while hugging her tight as we sleep. It’s been a while since we have been seeing each other. As COVID-19 progresses through the country, lockdowns have been imposed in CA and have started to take in effect other states. We have been frequently seeing each other under strict guidelines. Whenever she visits our place , I make sure she enters only if she sanitizes and then washes her hands for 20 seconds. We don’t go outside but rather have cook in sessions + movie nights. Try to make the most of our time indoors. Although at times it gets hard with all this isolation but she and my roommate are the only people keeping me sane. While trying to make the most of it, sometimes me and Nidhi improvise by having random dance sessions in my room. But I think the most important part of we all going through this emotional turmoil of isolation is to have some one whom you can just hug and believe everything will be fine . Someone whom you can trust. Someone whom you are so comfortable that you don’t have to think twice while speaking . Someone whose smile lights up your day , be it virtual . And that someone for me is the girl in these pictures. Without a doubt, she is not only my strength but also my pillow.

Pics from my room

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