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Special 30-19 Nidhi wala birthday-2

Nidhi’s main birthday bash planned by me was scheduled for Saturday night so we can have others join in as well. I compiled a collage of videos which I asked from her friends and relatives to say a few words about her. I think she was somewhat aware about what I am doing for her birthday as well. I also created a collage of pictures from when she was a little girl to now(still a little girl ) and stitched it together to create a video. I showed both those videos in front of everyone. She really liked them and wasn’t expecting to reach out to so many of her friends. But her mom stole the show with her now famous line “Aapki zindagi main ronakey bani rahe” . It was sort of a good semi-surprise birthday party. We took her upstairs where we cut the cake and got some food ordered. Later we went out for drinks in Mission district where we clicked the last pic and got back home relatively sober. Although she was now officially 30 but for me she always seems like the mischievous little girl who likes to fall into things.

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