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Ode to Joy

April 2020. The coronavirus’s logarithmic curve has made sure no one dared to go out outside their homes without masks and restricted world travel altogether. Closed restaurants, empty beaches, dolphins returning to Venice’s canals we saw it all. But as this new reality started sinking , people trapped in their own homes tried to make the most of it by finding hobbies to keep themselves engaged. For me, talking to Nidhi was my only hobby.One might think of me as pretty boring but on the contrary Nidhi was a good listener and I could talk to her about everything and when I say everything I mean anything. My weird quirks, physics, space, social experiments etc she would patiently listen through this all. So I thought let me do something for her . Always a good thing to show appreciation but also learn something new in the process. I had purchased a blue guitar earlier in Arizona. Mostly I thought because it looked good in my room but I hardly practiced. So I thought why don’t I learn to play something for her. Not something fancy but something to start with. I selected a small part in Beethoven’s symphony no 9 ‘Ode to Joy’ 🎶 as what I would play for her. She herself mentioned couple of times that I have no talent whatsover after she listened me sing for her, which I kinda agree on the singing part but she was nonetheless appreciative of my efforts. I wanted this to be my masterpiece something that would make her feel ecstatic enough that I she agrees to whatever I ask 😏. I took my guitar out of the case first time in months , learnt it by heart for 5 days and then was ready for my grand performance which turned out to be not so grand. The whole thing was like a min or so but wasn’t that great or melodious. But surprisingly she liked it a lot , or probably the effort behind it. I think she would have kissed me if she were at my place in person , probably she was the happy haha. But I was the one who was happy to play for her . To play for someone who gives you immense joy, is in my sense the true ode to joy.

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