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Our first trip -1

Finally after 6 months of hanging in SF and Bay Area we were finally doing our solo trip together. I think this was much needed with the long weekend around the corner and being inside for so long. This was altogether exciting as well .We were supposed to go to Oregon with my friends for the long weekend but with Bharat recuperating from his appendix surgery

we thought it’s best we go solo. I booked our hotel at South Lake Tahoe as the main hiking and kayaking sites were around it. Nidhi was interested to kayak so the place was perfect.

It was a 2 night trip and we started Thursday so as to escape the long weekend rush starting Saturday.

We packed our swimwear as there were supposed to be some good beaches around. Luckily we had Bharat’s car to drive us there and as Bharat wasn’t going to use it while at Jayant’s place or should I say not in a stare to use, I just asked him if I can borrow it😅. We started around 4pm and due to the rush hour traffic + restaurant stop we were delayed a bit. But checked in the hotel at 10 45 pm , 15 mins before Nidhi had to join her nightly India team calls. She later informed me that some team members in her team had scheduled a call on Friday despite her informing them ahead of time that she was on PTO because her team members don’t understand the concept of PTOs 😓. This was all fine as our plans were open ended We slept soon after that exhausted from the travel. Overall it was pretty exciting the whole planning , traveling to Tahoe . But the most exciting part was getting to sleeping soundly with my Pagli on top .

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