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Our first trip -2

The next day I woke up early and saw she’s already up and engaged in her office calls. I went searching for some bagels for breakfast nearby finally coming to a store to only know the it has been closed due to COVID. Ended up going to a safeway nearby and getting my travel junk food i.e. muffins ,bananas,pringles 😍 none of it is apparently her favorite 😅. But hey that’s the best travel food. She wrapped up her call and we were heading for a famous hiking spot in emerald bay. She supposedly had another office call scheduledin an hour or so and we were hoping that the hiking area would have cell network but that wasn’t the case as we approached nearby. So we later decided to turn back to the city and have a scrumptious brunch there as she attended her call. Once that was done it was finally time for the hike, but as we were approaching we could see cars being parked right around anywhere one could find room near the cliffs. There was not a single parking spotforget the parking lot but anywhere around. And we slowly kept going and going until we knew we were far away that we were not going for that spot. But we soon approached another spot where we saw some cars parked and thought lets hike here as this might be our only hike of the trip. So we parked our car and started meandering downslope for sometime. The views were pretty awesome for the lake and the bay . The only issue was that it was incredibly hot . The afternoon sun made it pretty difficult for us to think we could go down till the beach head and we started heading back up to our car and going upslope in that heat wasn’t fun😓 . Nidhi was having a heat stroke and so we hurried up to the car so that we can turn on the A/C and just cool down for sometime. We decided that was enough hike for the trip and we can enjoy the rest of it without being burnt to a crisp. So I started just going down the road and eventually thought it would be a good idea to just circumnavigate around Tahoe which turned out to be a pretty good scenic drive.We stopped at a state park with a pretty awesome beach. The water was turquoise blue, the water had an ambient temperature , it was all perfect but we forgot our swimming trunks in our hotel 😓 which sucked. We stood there in the sand for sometime and then headed back. Once back in the hotel we decided to go to pool area to relax and swim. Nidhi did not know how to swim so I was sort of instructing her and helping her our little by little. She progressed well, her kicks were perfect but she was a bit scared of letting go my hands and would panic when I did so . Nonetheless it was a lot of fun, something I plan to do more often wherever we go. We later dressed up for the night to take a stroll around South Lake Tahoecity. The live music and bar scene was pretty vibrant but unfortunately due to COVID and the crowd of people we saw everywhere we decided to have a quiet pizza and movie night back in our hotel room. While going back I decided to try my luck with blackjack which I lost 😛 . We watched dark while having pizza ,she with a lil extra cheese and me with no cheese while she drinking her fav beverage coke and me my fav water. It was a prefect ending to a long day out as we both embraced each other and fell in deep sleep.

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