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Short story A rebellious girl and an honest guy

January 19th 2020 A girl and a guy are out on a date in the Bay Area. They did not meet on dating apps or via friends but rather from a matrimonial website. The girl’s friends and her sister are all in awe of the guy as he seems to have all her dream guy’s perfect characteristics. Mid way of their conversation the girl asks herself to be excused as she had an office call to attend that night. The guy is a bit startled as he thought they were having such a good time but understands her busy schedule. She orders her uber, shakes hands with the guy telling him the generic phrase after a date “It was nice meeting you. Take care” gets in the uber and it zips away. As she silently lays back in her seat, gleering upwards at the few stars beginning to show up in the night sky she knows deep inside that he might not be the one for her. Nidhi wasn’t a complicated child. Pretty clumsy, she had a habit of falling on wet floors or into glass center tables. She while growing up never was a girly girl or into teenage romance like her peers. Chilling life as she knew with her friends and family is what gave her joy. Born into a Jain Digamabar household although her family wasn’t as strict or orthodox as others. As a middle child and the youngest daughter she was usually rebellious to what her elders told her to do. And this rebellious phase is what followed into her adulthood as well. Her elder sister getting married in Nov 2019 opened the floodgates of enquiries about her “future plans”. She knew she had no fallback this time so even after months of resisting gave into her elder sister’s request to talk/meet this guy who matched via a matrimonial website she thought fits her criteria. He was tall(over 6 feet of course), decent-looking , probably shy, seems well settled with his job and a fellow jain(to her sister’s excitement). Although the date felt more like an hour of Q&A with her being interrogated rather than a free flowing conversation. Naturally back in the uber ride she had made up her mind and proceeded to tell her sister the same much to latter’s disappointment :( . Her sister after trying to highlight some important characteristics of the guy asked Nidhi to reconsider. But as Nidhi did not budge ,her sister gave up. Finally she told her about this other guy who Nidhi matched with on the same website and forwarded his number in case she wants to talk. After going through a not so convincing first date and talking to another of these matrimonial guys, she was not in the mood for it. But her elder sister being the one she listens to kinda convinced her to do that. So even with her opposing it she half heartedly agreed . The new guy already texted her introducing himself and she replied back. They got on a call that night while Nidhi was bearing in mind that she wont’t talk to him over 20 mins and would definitely send him a default “sorry but we are two different people and should see others”template if turns out anything like the last one. The guy surprisingly was easy to talk to although not the sweetest one out there but she wasn’t looking for a sweet talker either. The guy thought for a while and told her that he has something to share and wants to be completely honest with you even though she might not like it. Nidhi thought for a while and decided why not, if nothing he is honest with her. The call went for 2.5 hrs and was only a trailer to endless hours of conversations they will have later :)

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