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Sleepless in San Francisco

Since that fateful day we started talking over the phone, we have been doing that almost every day with remarkable consistency. She has a soothing voice like the ones in those meditation apps which make you fall asleep. But instead of me falling asleep, I am up till am talking to her. She has this unique talent where she can continue any sort of conversation with anyone and end up talking for hours. Although I hog up all her time so that she can use such impressive talents only on me :p . Partly the reason we were talking so late night was because we started around 11 or 12ish when she was done with offshore calls with her India team which usually ran late. And then she had her morning calls back again starting at 7am. She mentioned that she only slept for a few hours. I do not know how she humanely functions after only a couple of hours sleep at best. I on the other hand, need my full 7 hours no matter when I sleep or what meeting I might have to skip early morning. And even after that I might be groggy all day. Usually end up working from home mostly during those midnight sessions and yet I was looking forward to those every day.

She mentioned her checklist which she used to eliminate guys who did not match. Some of them were like she wanted someone who is shy, probably who sings well , can COOK!!!. Suffice to say that I did not match most of it. One I almost matched. In that matrimonial website anyone can filter invites based on various attributes like height, location etc so they only match with them who fit into it and rest are auto rejected. She was into tall guys I guess(its kind of a thing amongst girls) so she put out a filter to reject anyone under 5’ 10’’ . My height is 5’9.5” but as there was no way to put that decimal in that front end page of the website, I just rounded it off to 5’ 10” which in hindsight was one of my best accidental decisions. We wouldn’t have matched if it weren’t for that rounding off.

Well and my checklist…well let’s say she matched all basic criteria which was similar to Joey’s checklist for a roommate - non smoking, non ugly . Haha jk it was a bit more elaborate than that like working out, eating healthy etc. Let’s say she was pretty determined to start or at least partly following through it. So here we were 2 people brought up in polar opposite cities with no substantial matching criteria and yet we couldn’t keep ourselves from talking hours on end.

P.S. I guess my topics were quite interesting to keep her pretty entertained.

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