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Special 30-22 Minions birthday party

Jinesh’s birthday has always been epic whether it has been emergency calls or long nights drinking, this birthday didn’t disappoint either. For his 30th it was a minion themed birthday celebration for this minion lover . Suruchi ordered a jigsaw puzzle for him with all his friends/family pics on it. But the icing on the cake was something Suruchi planned as well. She mentioned to me that she is going to propose to Jinesh and was supposed to be an informal proposal whatever that means. So when she went down on one knee and gave Jinesh the rose and a card with it , Jinesh without reading the entire thing said YES. When we clapped to their happy union we came to know later that the card explicitly mentioned their agreement term as 10 years by saying will you be mine for the next 10 years. This was meant as a joke from her end but Sidhanto didn’t feel the same as he felt Jinesh is being played. So while Jinesh’s 20s was unofficially Suruchi’s now his 30s is officially on a 10 year lease . But as long as he is happy that’s all what matters.

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