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Special 30-25 Our new car-a-vana

Going back and forth from Nidhi’s place in San Mateo and she coming over to Sf can only be done so many times before you think you should get a permanent vehicle. But there was a problem. My recent debacle in options had me cash strapped for any new investments. But my little angel stepped in to have me covered. But none of us had the patience to haggle with car dealers. Luckily we just did our car search from Carvana which is like Amazon for cars. We found a 2020 Toyota Corolla with 28k miles on it. Someone did drive it a lot during the pandemic. But for 17k it seemed a good price for all the new features in it especially backup mirror . So we ordered it and it was delivered next day to my place which was faster than Amazon Primes standard 2 day delivery. Carvana gave 100 days to report any issues or have it exchanged but the moment I looked at I knew it was the newest member of our family. And another reason for Nidhi to finally make use of her driving license.

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