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The big short

have been trading on options these past few months , haven’t made a lot of trades but due to market fluctuations was able to make around 10k in short time. Driven by this stupid confidence I invested more heavily thinking that the recent bull run in may has the market overpriced so thought to short a few stocks especially Microchip and American Express(my ex company ). As there is nothing better than to bet against the company that your friends are working in . Well proved to be a costly mistake this time around as my investments were down 40% in a matter of days . Seems like the economy opening up even when unemployment is at record time high has given the market a head start. And I was stressed to no end . I couldn’t think right , couldn’t sleep, the horrors of my past mistakes in options trading 8 years back gnawing at me. I felt depressed only to know that this time I have Nidhi with me to pick me up from this abyss . She’s that guardian angel that we all don’t deserve but desperately need. She and my roomate are the only one who are helping me through this and keeping me sane. She did make sure that I don’t feel bad and even went further to console me even when she wasn’t feeling good. She makes me realize that even if I lose it all, there are some things far more valuable than numbers in my bank account which I possess that I should be truly greatly for. She’s like that old village elder , much wiser than people give her credit. I feel strong enough when I am with her that I can sustain anything and keep moving forward as long as she stays beside me. She’s the best investment I ever had and I hope someday I can make her feel the same.

P.S. :- current day 😞

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