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The guy who moved mountains

I am not the best person when someone asks me not to say something or keep a secret 😅. Nidhi found it the hard way not once but twice. Once while talking to her Didi and once while talking to her chacham/chachi. As we spent more time together , Nidhi had talked to my mom a few times and she decided that its time that she introduces to her side of the family. I started by talking to her did and Jiju . She had clearly mentioned things I shouldn’t say. We were on a video call but as we got to talking I let me conscious mind drift away and started speaking out things which they were not aware of. i.e. how we first met at the airport and other things. She had to literally pinch me to stop talking. It all went fine until the last set of questions where her didi asked me to tell her some good things about Nidhi which I mentioned flawlessly but then her Jiju asked slyly that tell something negative which Nidhi talked about her didi which I ljokingly mentioned that as such nothing but she does not usually pick up her phone at times which I shouldn’t have .As these words came out of mouth I realized what have I done. I wish there was an undo button somewhere. Her didi did not really like it as they had sort of an argument on the same thing not long back. So even after all her efforts in the end I screwed up. The second time it happened was when I was too damn sure of myself that now I won’t screw up and even when her didi explained me on things not to say as well. This happened while talking to her chacha/chachi which went perfectly well. Then came the question of what do I like to eat on which I mentioned what I was allergic to and definitely cannot eat and can eat anything else. In my head it was a flawless answer , but when the call ended I could see Nidhi was pissed as she had to explain it to me to only answer things which were asked of by family members and not to reveal details like these which can cause them to concern on whether I have an underlying health issue. I was really sad when she said this because I didn’t expect anyone to think like that but the truth is people do and me acting this way made her disappointed. I sometimes feel like I inherit this trait from my dad as how my mom usually told us how she used to be really upset with dad all his years because he didn’t know what was the right thing to say to others and this immaturity would hurt her. So I knew exactly how Nidhi felt and it hurt me more as I know that I should act in a more grown up way and I don’t. I have always been free flowing with words and never thought too much on how others felt it which has been wrong on my part. It is hard to change someone’s nature but if that person knows if something they do has an impact on someone whom they care the most then that person can become like Dashrath Manjhi as well.

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