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The Paryushan special

In Jainism adherents follow fasting for a while as a religious activity. Nidhi being a digambar Jain has her paryushan started some time back. My roomate being a shwetambar Jain had his 8 days of fasting completed. She but is doing it in some extreme way. She has it for 10 days. She eats food and drinks water only once per day.And the final 36 hours of fasting all Jains have to observe total fasting where they neither drink nor eat at all.

She has been doing it for 5 days now. I don’t know how she does that. Kudos to her! I don’t think I would be able to survive that. I even came to her place to support her during these times but she ended up supporting me and asked my friends to please take me back home😅

I believe Jain’s have an unbelievable amount of self control to do that. I couldn’t support her in dietary sense in these times but I have decided that I will be fasting as well the last 36 hours. I am not going to do it at her level I will be drinking water lots of it hopefully, but I have never done any sort of fasting in my life so fingers crossed. I think though by the end of this paryushan phase I will be the one telling her michami dukkadam🙏 .

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