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The Pav Bhaji chronicle

I talked a lot to Jinesh about her culinary skills when she made Pav bhaji when I was at home the last time. By now even Jinesh used to talk to her as I usually put my phone on speaker. He commented that he didn’t get to try her pav bhaji and that was wrong. Well actually she put aside some pav bhaji for him and Suruchi but in the hurry to get out of her place next morning, we forgot about it(Chapter 1). So she mentioned the next time she comes over , she will make some. We met the next weekend Friday around 7pm. I asked her to get some of her stuff so that she can stay over till the next day. We started chopping some vegetables, boiling potatoes and well I did whatever I could to help her for making that special delicacy. A friend of mine and his wife were moving to a place nearby mine and wanted some assistance in hauling stuff. I had earlier mentioned to Nidhi about it and told her that it shouldn’t take much time as they just were moving nearby. They unfortunately didn’t have much to eat since noon so we prepared some sandwiches for them. Me and Jinesh went to help him move while Nidhi in the meantime continued with her prep. What we didn’t’t know is that it we had to put some stuff of his in a storage unit and then take some stuff and haul into the apartment building. And Nidhi all this time was by herself, cooking. I felt bad but didn’t want to leave my friend and her wife hanging so wanted to get the move done as quickly as possible. It had taken over 2 hrs by the time it was finally done.

At this point I invited them to come back to my place for some pav bhaji as they won’t be able to setup the kitchen for sometime due to exhaustion. They agreed and we set forth but I was aware that Nidhi might be furious as it took us this long so we decided to get ice-cream(her weakness) and some butter for pav bhaji. Unfortunately the checkout line was that slow and long it took over half an hour. Precious time lost which I thought over and over that Nidhi is going to be so mad, I hope the ice cream helps. By the time we were back it was around 10 30. I asked Jinesh to help them get parked in our private parking garage while I darted to the front door opened and was greeted to a visibly fuming Nidhi. I immediately apologized and hugged her and apologized some more. She was visibly upset but didn’t show any signs of anger when my friends came over. We sat for a while around talking and having pav bhaji. I loved it and gobbled down pav after pav. They later departed for their place. I was pretty surprised and glad how she handled this situation. I asked her later that wasn’t she angry anymore, she said she wasn’t and she forgets her anger easily which is a trait she wants to change. And I mentioned that please don’t 😂. But for now, we just sat back, enjoyed our ice-cream while watching this amazing history epic Tanaji.

P.S:- NIidhi slept quarter way through the movie😬

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