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The Star in the North

*Correction:-In Chapter 4 , When Poo Met Pagli I accidentally mentioned Nidhi going to Boston but she took a trip to New Jersey to meet her friends.

It’s been a few days since that fateful night when I saw Nidhi depart for NJ. I can’t stop thinking about her and somehow restrain myself from calling her every now and then as I know she is enjoying with her friends. Although I call her at night once her friends go to sleep. We end up talking for hours and by the time we are done it’s AM her time. She calls me selfish as I take up all her time and don’t let her sleep. And I do not deny the charges😋😝. It was the first time ever I felt so comforting in someone’s embrace. I couldn’t shake off the feeling when we hugged and couldn’t wait for her to back so that I get to see her again☺️

She was back Monday and I reserved a table for two at Amoura a Mediterranean restaurant near her place. As I (without my fault) made her wait the first time at the airport , she made it absolutely clear that she won’t wait a single min if I am late. Fair enough I thought. I made sure I reach there a little early to keep a buffer just in case. My uber driver instantly looking at me asked me if I am going on a date and I was like damn ,nice guess. But where else will a guy dressed up on a Wednesday evening be going otherwise?🤷‍♂️. He wished me best of luck and I was like yeah I kinda need it. I reached a few mins early and I got her text saying she was running late. Haha I know she would feel guilty once she arrived and was so looking forward to it 😈.

She finally arrived after 20 mins and yup she straight away started with an apology for being late but I couldn’t focus on all that as I was pretty happy just looking at her. It felt nice to see her again. This time unlike the last time we met, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. We had wine and ate salad (nothing great on the veg side 🙁 ) . I ended up singing a pretty bad version of the song “Kahi our jab din dhal jaye” which got others looking at our table and she begging me to please stop😂.

After my impromptu singing performance, we went for a stroll outside. It was pretty cold so I gently wrapped my hand around her shoulder and pulled her towards me. The sky was pretty clear with quite a few visible stars. Although I was freezing myself 🥶and she was still warm. That felt nice. We went around two blocks down and were physically close enough that our faces were touching while embracing each other . I pulled her face towards mine and kissed her lips gently. This in turn led to a series of kisses each more intense than the previous where we felt each other and hugged tight . The best part though was that it felt so natural while kissing Nidhi like I have known her since ages. After some minutes of intense kissing, I asked her to look up at the night sky and pointed her towards the Big Dipper constellation . I told her how the constellation points towards the North Star which early travelers used as their guiding compass to figure out north direction. I added to that whenever she feels lost metaphorically or otherwise , just look up in the sky and like the star, I will always be there to guide you towards your destination. I think out of all my cheesy lines that night this one took the top spot. We went into a laundromat while we waited for her uber. It arrived and I kissed her goodnight while going back inside waiting for mine. When it arrived, I darted out in the cold in comfort of the uber while looking at the North Star one more time, smiling and asking her to be with Nidhi always.

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